Skin Whitening Injections /GLUTATHION


Glutathione is one of the strongest anti oxidant, when it is combined with Vitamin C it becomes stronger in its effect of skin rejuvenation, brightening the skin and whitening the skin. Most of the enquiries are about whitening unwanted pigments on the face, knuckles, under arms, perianal region. Sometimes it is requested for generally skin whitening. Each injection is 600 mg and injected intra muscular. Injections are twice a week. After certain sessions we may inject 1200 mg each sessions. Person needs to take mega dose oral vitamin c tablets. Skin becomes dry, reduces sebum production. So acne and oily skin improves a lot. Melasma and sun damages improves. For further information please text to 07967593615 Dr Menevse Kargin Pasha Clinic Mayfair 51 Beauchamp Place London SW3 1NY MCCM Clinic 97 Green Lanes London N16 9BX