The treatment fo ROSACEA that I found it %95 successful


Rosacea is a common condition

It is a long-term (chronic) skin condition that mainly affects the face. Symptoms begin with episodes of flushing (when the skin turns red). Sometimes flares with skin infection.

As rosacea progresses, other symptoms can develop such as:

  • burning and stinging sensations
  • permanent redness
  • spots (papules and pustules)
  • small blood vessels in the skin becoming visible

In the most severe cases, skin can thicken and enlarge, usually on and around the nose.

There are several triggers have been identified that may make the condition worse.

These include:

  • exposure to sunlight
  • stress
  • exercise
  • cold weather (wind)
  • heat
  • certain medications, such as vasodilator drugs
  • hot drinks
  • alcohol and caffeine
  • eating certain foods, such as spicy foods

Identifying and avoiding the triggers of rosacea can be a useful way of controlling the symptoms.

There is no cure for rosacea, but treatments are available to control symptoms.

Rosacea is a chronic and relapsing condition, which means there are periods when symptoms are particularly bad, followed by periods when the condition is less severe.

As well as avoiding known triggers, certain medicines can help control flare ups.

Rosacea appears to be quite common, and is estimated to affect up to one in 10 people. It most commonly affects people with fair skin, but can also occur in people of Asian and African origin.

Rosacea occurs in both men and women and may occur at any age. However, it typically begins after the age of 30. Middle-aged women are more at risk due to hot flushes caused by the menopause.

The treatment that I found it %95 successful is:

I treat the infection with antibiotic if there is any infection first.

Than DERMAPEN treatment once a week to rupture the abnormal vascularity. I use Vitamin C and Venalureth during treatment. It stops new vascular formation and inflammation. % to 10 session dermapen (TRI_M) will treat the condition altogether. There are some bruises during treatments, it clears within 3 days.

Anybody who suffers from this condition welcome and try.

5 session treatment costs £950.

Dr Kargin

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