gorgeous boyWe have a funny neighbour, lives on the parallel road, behind  our garden.  He watches us constantly, he watches our garden from window. Constant surveillance you can call it. He is a loner.  I don’t mind his strangeness but sometimes he looses it altogether. He harasses us.

Newington green is the are overcrowded by  minorities from allover the world.

We have gunshot shooting nearly every week, we have gambling in every inch of the road, we have rapes that not even reported, we have young women selling their bodies in front of our door (I can hear their negotiation about the price and what sort of service in return) , we have  very busy gay and lesbian pub at the corner, after certain hours you can hear their arguments and fights on the main road, we have another pub full of gipsies, when they are drunk things get out of control…I can carry on this list on and on.. There is newborn baby two door crying constantly, i can’t sit in the garden on sundays.

Our funny neighbour doesn’t mind all these things i mentioned above. Or he has no gut to go and tell them off. He can only afford to harass me, poor women:)) He said he has dog phobia and he can’t stand dog barking.

Go sort your head out  sir. My dog doesn’t go anywhere. He will bark if there is intruder in my garden.

He constantly complains to the Hackney council about dog, noise.. He even make up stories like illegal building work, i get all sorts of Hackney planning departments visits. I never had building work last eleven years.

This man is OK with everything going around us but whenever he hears my dog barking he comes out of window and screams his head off. Our dog is always in the flat, goes out garden from time to time. If next door cat comes in our garden then he gets agitated and barks. Not hours and hours barking that would disturb neighbourhood.

All I can say dogs are there to have little bit freedom to stay in the garden and bark  from time to time. You  can’t shut them up constantly. He asked me to get rid of the dog. Than i asked him to move out. Go and live in Knightsbridge. Thats what you get in Newington Green.