new project

This my firsth blog. i want to say hello to everybody. I am very exited about my blog and my new web site that i am developing. I called it

i got the idea about a year ago but i dint have any money to develop it. Even now i am working with a very tigth budget. At least i will be able to open the page and move on slowly slowly.

My clinic has been using one of those offer sites. we sold thousands of treatment voucher. There has been problems. I tried to set up a deal site by eliminating each problems we encountered all those years.

I am aiming to fill the saloons and clinics free appointment slots on  daily basis. So i wont overload them but still give them enough customers to pay their basic bills.

I will be paying them daily so they have constant cash-flow.

The voucher buyers will be happy to get good deal daily basis.

I am sure it will work very well for both sides, saloons and the customers.

There will be products deals as well. products will be on distributors price to consumers. Small number of them a day of course.

It will be starting 12.00 every day. 1 or 2 products a day from each kind.

thats all today.

wish me luck

Dr Kargin